What is Unacceptable Nudity?

Unacceptable nudity refers both to the history of censorship in art, and to pictures that I found personally unacceptable- pictures that I am going to post here for your enjoyment. Why I found them unacceptable I’ll explain in a moment.

This site offers supplemental material for my Art, Sex and Censorship project. The primary focus of the project is an online class that covers the history of censorship in art from 1440 to 1940. It is a massive project many years in the making.

Part of what makes it massive is the Master Collection of 13,000 digitally enhanced works of nude and erotic art from 500 artists. They have all been color adjusted, the dust and scratches and cracks and stains have been removed, they have been sharpened- a whole bunch of stuff has been done to them to make them look better. And they are all in HD resolution. They really look great.

There are a lot of paintings though that I could not find good sources for. Nothing I could do would help them make the cut. This site is their final resting place. I may have tweaked them a little here and there, but they are just not good enough- to me they are unacceptable for this project- simply unacceptable nudity.

In the Artist Pictures section you’ll find hundreds of unacceptable works of art, at a resolution of 500 pixels high because most of them fall apart any larger than that.

In the Behind the Canvas section I include additional information about the artists and their paintings. This includes biographical material on the artists and explanations of some of their paintings.

In The Process section, I’ll be writing about what went into creating a project of this complexity, the tools I used, and some of the techniques. I’ll go into a little detail about the damage that happens to images over time and what has to be done to undo the damage, at least digitally.

If you are interested in learning more about the artists who created the 13,000 images, I have written Artists and Their Nudes, a 200,000 word E-Book that will be available soon on Amazon. It includes biographies of 500 artists and information on many of the models who posed nude for them. Whenever possible, I delve into the sex lives of the artists and models, since that has some bearing on the work that they did.

I’ll try and keep this entertaining, and at least provide you with a lot of interesting pictures to look at.

Jeff Booth

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